Saturday, April 09, 2011

Palm Springs Chic with a Traditional Twist

Palm Springs Hotel Lobby
So I have been obsessing over what I call "Palm Springs Chic" for the past few months! I have this vision of an era of elegance- with the "Rat Pack" sitting at a *gold* dining set in sunny Palm Springs, sipping on martinis near the pool of their country club. They are surrounded by Palm trees, Hollywood elegance and "Mad Men" fashion.

Researching for a bit and it's official- what I adore is "Hollywood Regency!" I love the luxury and sophistication of that Dean Martin era. This is somewhat of what is going on in my head!

L O V E epitome of style

Beautiful Jayne Mansfield

The Beverly Hills Hotel OBSESSED

Perfect palate Italian glasses

via Jonathan Adler

Awesome Poster- can't find artist!

Luscious Green Pillow: Z Gallerie

Whimsical Birdcage: Z Gallerie
Classic White and Gold Trunks: Z Gallerie

via Supreme Design

I am convinced that I will somehow be able to transform my 1920's Spanish style apartment into this fantasy that is floating around my mind. Step one was re-doing my $25 garage sale coffee table from an elegant but boring *black and gold* to what I feel is a *pastel Palm Springs peachy coral* Since I'm new to the blogging game I failed at taking before and after pics- boo!- but I will be be posting the finished product in the next few days.

PS- since this is my first entry I'm learning and after I snagged these pics I lost the original sites they came from to link to or give credit. Oops! If I have omitted something you know the origin of please let me know! xo C

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