Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gold AND Sparkly?! Yes please!

I've been seeing ads for Sally Hansen Nail polish strips for awhile now- and wrote them off immediately as too good to be true. However, when I was working the other night this girl had ADORABLE patterned nails which she said were none other than SALLY HANSEN NAIL POLISH STRIPS! What?! Not only that, but she said they had lasted her 12 days already with no chips. AH! I went to check them out and found Glitz Blitz which is a sparkly gold- are you kidding me? I bought them immediately- just finished applying them- and here are the results!
Sorry, the picture isn't great- I took it with my phone- but YAY! They definitely took awhile to put on- about an hour total- but I went all out:

Cleaned, buffed and filed my nails AND did a base coat. Put each strip on meticulously and then did a top coat. I wanted to make sure I got good wear out of these things! At $10 a piece they are cheaper than a manicure with the same look- and hopefully they will last longer! (I'll keep you updated). Also, if you are like me and have short nails you can cut each strip in half and use the other half when you need to do them again which brings it down to $5 a "manicure". AH- MAY-ZING!

Check them out here. My next purchase will definitely be "misbehaved"!


  1. OH. MY. LANTA. So cool! Who knew these actually worked!? I think I'm going to try them out today as I need a mani, and I have to "meet the parents" for the first time this weekend... EEK! Do you have a color recommendation for me?

  2. AH congrats on meeting the parents! For that occasion I would recommend "raise a glass" a cute champagne color with a hint of sparkle or "Red-y for Trouble" which is a rich, fun RED! Both would look great on you and both say I am chic and powerful and perfect for your son!


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